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Extortion is a common white-collar crime that is defined as using threats to obtain money or other valuable items from an individual or entity. It is a federal crime, and if a person wants to defend themselves in court, they will need help from a Maryland federal extortion lawyer.

It is possible to fight against extortion charges, but without the aid of a lawyer, your chances of having your charges reduced or dismissed will be low.

The prosecution, as well as law enforcement agents, will do everything in their power to find relevant evidence, and you will need someone to defend you. Contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible to learn more.

What is Extortion?

Extortion is a white-collar crime that results in federal charges. It is defined as using a threat or any type of force to obtain money or property from a person, business, or organization. When individuals commit extortion, they often threaten to do the following:

  • Physically harm
  • Damage their property
  • Destroy their reputation
  • Take unfavorable government action against them

Blackmail is one of the most common types of extortion, and it involves releasing humiliating, private, or damaging information to the public or the friends and family of a person. Individuals who demand payment in exchange for protection from violence can also be charged with extortion.

It is important to understand that individuals can be charged with this crime even if no money is actually paid, so hiring a Maryland federal extortion lawyer is wise.

The Communication of a Threat

Contrary to popular belief, extortion does not always take place in person. Individuals are often accused of extorting others via phone, text, email, and many other forms of electronic communication.

If a person uses the postal service to commit extortion, they will automatically be tried in federal court. To prove a person committed extortion, the prosecution must prove that the accused person communicated a threat to the other involved party.

The threat does not have to involve physical violence or any other illegal act, and it does not have to be aimed directly at the other individual. Threats to harm the family, business, career, or property of the person will be considered extortion.

Potential Legal Consequences

Individuals charged with extortion will certainly need the aid of a Maryland federal extortion lawyer if they want to avoid federal prison. Individuals convicted of extortion will face the prospect of up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Individuals with prior convictions will be sentenced more harshly, and depending on the nature of the charges, these individuals can end up receiving more than 10 years in prison. Even after being released, having a permanent criminal record can prevent an individual from:

  • Obtaining employment
  • Finding housing
  • Applying for financial aid or government benefits
  • Passing background checks
  • Entering certain professional fields

Extortion is not always clearly defined, and it is possible for the actions of an individual to be misinterpreted by another person. For this reason, individuals charged with extortion should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Contact a Maryland Federal Extortion Attorney Today

If you or someone you care about has been charged with extortion, you should reach out to a Maryland federal extortion lawyer immediately. Extortion is a serious crime with serious penalties, and if you are not prepared to defend yourself, you could end up behind bars for a long time. Contact a Maryland federal extortion lawyer for additional information.

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